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Take action against Rodeos in  San Diego 

Join the Movement: Say No Rodeo's in San Diego and to the Padres' Rodeo at Petco Park

Welcome to the forefront of change! We've launched a petition to voice the concerns of San Diego citizens regarding the Padres' planned Rodeo event at Petco Park. Your support is crucial in demonstrating the collective worry of our community.

Stay Informed:

Follow these social media pages for the most recent updates, San Diego Vegan Activists, For the Animals,

Kind Heart Coalition and DxE San Diego.
Your involvement is crucial to making a difference in our community.

Together, we can protect our values and ensure the well-being of both our citizens and animals. Join us in saying no to the Padres' Rodeo at Petco Park!


How to take action

Take Action Now:
1. **Sign the Petition:**
   Be a part of the movement by signing our petition. Your signature is a powerful statement against the planned Rodeo.

2. **Contact Your City Council Representatives:**
   Let your local representatives know about your concerns. Reach out to your city council members, Padres, and Petco Park to express your opposition to the Rodeo.

3. **Engage with HSUS (Humane Society of the United States):**
   Connect with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and urge them to take action against the planned Rodeo. Your voice matters in influencing organizations committed to animal welfare.

4. **Attend City Council Public Comment Sessions:**
   Make your concerns heard at the City Council Public Comment sessions. Attend Monday's 2pm and Tuesday's 10am meetings. Remember to sign up in advance to speak or utilize the call-in option, adhering to the specified rules. These are the next meetings we will show up as a group:

What you can do

Copy of Scan to sign the petition and send a letter to Mayor Todd Gloria_edited.jpg

City Council must enact a ban on animal torture devices commonly used at rodeos, including
electric prods, shocking devices, flank or bucking straps, wire tiedowns, sharpened or fixed
spurs, and rowels.

Join us at City Council Non-Agenda Public Comment, call and write your City Council Representative and make your voice heard!

Every signature counts. You can our petition HERE.

In addition Bryan Pease, LadyFreethinker and PETA also have petitions. 

Hold a Sign, Share Your Message: Make a visual impact by holding a sign that reflects your stance. Share your message on social media, and encourage others to join the cause. Every sign and every share adds strength to our movement.

Join In-Person Actions: Stay updated on in-person actions by following the San Diego Vegan Activists on social media. Events, gatherings, and protests will be shared on our pages, providing you with opportunities to stand up for what's right.

Social Media Pages: Connect with local activists social media pages to stay informed about upcoming events and actions:

  • @sandiegoveganactivists

  • @dxesandiego

  • @kindheartcoalition

  • @fortheanimalsorg

  • @passionatevegan

  • @caftusa

  • @sandiego_nard

Let's ensure that our voices echo not just for ourselves, but for those who cannot speak. Together, we can create a world where every voice is heard and every living being is treated with compassion and respect. Join the movement for change!

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